Issue 2 contributors

Ryland Fortie


Ryland Fortie works in painting and sculpture utilizing combinations of natural forms with tactics commonly found in science fiction and fantasy. In doing so, he seeks new perspectives of the human experience through our relationship between culture, technology, and the environment. Fortie grew up in the badland landscapes of Kamloops, BC, before spending the last several years in Edmonton. Fortie is currently an MFA candidate at the University of Victoria.

Jenna Lasby

When to Tell Your Date You’re the Chupacabra

Jenna Lasby is a fiction writer from Texas. She is inspired by the small magic of everyday moments and the big magic only found on paper. Her work has previously appeared in Vagabond City and Screen Door Review.

You can find her at

Prerna Barooah

Negative Space

Prerna is a purveyor of all things lunar and a bougainvillea-enthusiast from India who is a historian by training and poet by choice. They love writing about and to music, staring at the sky and reading good poetry – preferably all at once. They dream of opening their own poetry bookstore one day.



Based in Brazil, with a degree in Digital Design, Shee began her work in visual arts the same year she graduated from college in 2009. Shee has been showcasing her work in a variety of exhibitions, collaborations and projects, with curated works featuring international books and magazines.

Instagram: shee_arts

Mica England

(First-timeness), Photography Archive, Medium

Mica England is a queer artist and writer from the San Francisco Bay Area. Mica graduated from the Academy of Art University in May 2017 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photophobia and is now pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in __________? at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. Mica’s artistic practice is a mixture of crying, feeling back about themself, editing in red pen, and nausea. A worrying amount of their placements are in Scorpio. Mica’s favorite Pokémon are Mewtwo, Totodile, Fuecoco, and Gengar.

Darya Foroohar


Darya Foroohar is a writer and graphic novelist currently studying at the University of Chicago. She is interested in stories that push boundaries and make the most of their medium. Her prose has been published in Short Vine, Memoryhouse Magazine, and Our Town Downtown. She has primarily self-published her comics, but her most recent graphic novella, My Eyes, Your Gaze, is coming out under Bridge Publications in spring 2024.

ig: daryafarah

Mike Bagwell

More Islands I Have Known, Lung Bright River

Mike Bagwell is a writer and software engineer in Philly. He received an MFA from Sarah Lawrence and his work appears or is forthcoming in ITERANTHeavy Feather ReviewtrampsetHalfway Down the StairsHADBodegaWhiskey Island, and others, some kindly nominating him for a Pushcart. He is the author of the chapbooks A Collision of Soul in Midair (Bottlecap Press 2023), Or Else They Are Trees, and a micro When We Look at Things We Steal Their Color and Grow Heavy Under Their Weight (Rinky Dink Press 2024). See more at

Sneha Subramanian Kanta

Abecedarian for Aubade for Green, Rainstorm, Plinth and Oratorio

Sneha Subramanian Kanta is the author of the chapbooks Ghost Tracks (Louisiana Literature Press, 2020), Ancestral-Wing (Porkbelly Press, forthcoming), and Every Elegy Is A Love Poem (Variant Lit, forthcoming). Most recently, her poem “Un-Elegy, Or How Water Unmakes A Country” won the inaugural Canadian Authors Association – Toronto Poetry Prize. Her multi-genre work is forthcoming in Prairie Schooner, Meridian, Salamander, West Branch, Quarterly West, UBC’s PRISM international, and elsewhere. She is one of the founding editors of Parentheses Journal.


Twitter: @SnehaKantaS

Valerie Hughes

Growing Girls

Valerie Hughes (she/her) lives in New York, NY. Her work appears in 101 Words, Queerlings, Thread Lit Mag by Chill Subs, and other publications. She is a Prose Editor for Hominum Journal and a Reader for The Masters Review. Find her on twitter and instagram @_valeriehughes.

Mere Jackson

Elegy for Miss Janie

Mere Jackson is a lover of all things freakish and philosophical. She writes miscellaneous, marginally interesting stories and articles. She has work in underscore_magazine, Transients Magazine, 101 Words and Bullshit Lit. She lives in Uruguay. She/ her. Twitter and Medium: @mcjwriters

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