Ryland Fortie

The sound of rushing water emanates from within a rain barrel. Another barrel has a spine-like form rising from it. Vapour rises from a dish on driftwood legs. Each work is lit by an anamistic work-light, saturating the space in yellow. There is an atmosphere reminiscent of a laboratory. Inspired by erosion, the sculptures both reference the processes found in the natural world, but also in the creation of the spine sculpture itself.

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Elegy for Miss Janie

Mere Jackson

Miss Janie, it was you who really raised me. I spent long hours of summer in your trailer nestled in the forest, long summers of childhood when your hydrangeas bloomed, enormous gradients of pink to purple to blue and back again. Miss Janie, you never hit us like Mama did. You never said a cruel word, except when the neighbor girl Paula and I used the landline to make star-67 prank phone calls.

Growing Girls

Valerie Hughes

In the long mid-stretch of November and a few days after my eleventh birthday, I began dreaming of hermit crabs. Their shells were neon, the hot colors of bad manicures, and they scorched my fingertips. In glances, I swore smoke curled up from the sand. Upon waking, I recognized a dread plodding through me with the amber glow of molasses.

When to Tell Your Date You’re the Chupacabra

Jenna Lasby

  • Probably not on the first date, but then again, is that disingenuous and misleading?
  • (Also, what about talking about political views on your first date? Would she be more upset if you were a chupacabra or a socialist?)


Abecedarian for Aubade for Green, Rainstorm, Plinth and Oratorio

Sneha Subramanian Kanta

At the vegetable market this morning

before anything else, I pick moringa

clear as sugar maple leaf green

More Islands I have Known, Lung Bright River

Mike Bagwell

Lung Bright River eats a river and grows

in his light. Lung Bright River honors

the ether. Lung Bright River loses his keys

and is doomed to retrace his steps

Negative Space

Prerna Barooah

1. you know i’m my mother’s daughter because i will always look at the price of a thing before looking at the thing itself


(First-timeness), Photography Archive, Medium

Mica England

I would give anything in the world to bring him-you back for one day, one hour, one minute. To tell him-you how much I miss him-you. To hold him-you. Hug him-you. Cry into his-your chest. Never let (you) go.

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Content warning: discussions of suicide, depression


Darya Foroohar

inked drawing of a young woman holding a baby, fire surrounding her. Text reads "Motherhood, Darya Foroohar"

Visual Art



Interno is a series that delves into the inner world of the human experience, inviting viewers to explore the depths of emotion, introspection, and intricacies of the human essence.

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