winterreise (2023) marks jamie’s first solo show since graduation from the Visual Arts Honours program at the University of Victoria in 2021. Using sculptural woven works, large- and small-scale photographs, and object and sound installations, Jamie works to create a space that ties together our internal experiences and the external environment. 


Maybe God is the insect in my bathroom sink | Nostalgic for the Neolithic

Maybe God is the insect in my bathroom sink, that I try to blow out and instead send spinning into a water droplet, its wings sticking to the ceramic, its little legs flailing in the air. What have you done to me! shouts God. Oh no, I whisper. I blow again, a long breath until it unsticks, scampering away. I imagine myself at Heaven’s gates.

Reflections on Familial Ontology

Snow falls in fat flakes and piles up on spruce boughs overhead. The tracks in front of your grandfather fill continually with fluffy powder that his skis cut through with a swhshh swshh you can hear from far behind him. The rest of the forest is still, poised. 

Revenge of the Big Jazz

She had been considering not getting high today, for many days now, as the second or third thought of the morning each morning, usually after a first or second, an effort to recall a dream, usually a sex-dream, which was the kind of thing you desperately wanted to tell the person in question in the dream about, but of course could not tell the person in question about because, gushing down the forking nose that was the person’s nose, that lovely nose…

The Minivan Albums

When I was eighteen and about to drop out of music school, I started exchanging online messages with this guy in California who tried to gag himself with a carrot. I met him via an awful Discord server full of people who all had “Parasocial Relationships” with a band whose earliest albums had been recorded in a minivan.


December’s Dead, Now

the days all bleed into each other when i lie beside you, your shoulder a rock, myself softly

clinging moss. how long would it take for us to become one? my stomach hollows as i let the

world eat me, and you make a home between my hips. i am the horizon and you are the moon,

inextricable from each other and intangibly separate. we both feel cold, only i don’t hide my…


joan of arc’s inner monologue | Writing the year wrong | Akimbo

Always this wish: indistinguishable

in that way children’s wishes are


from the whole body.

Unspellable, apart.

what to do as grief tears you apart | A 3pm flight from Winnipeg to Victoria | a growth | nihilist loverboy


Vacuum your bachelor 

suite. Encourage the gasping, 

smashed machine to suck


Sunday Mourning Crossword

  1. The mode through which you learned Jaymie died.
  2. A time before womanhood spent catching toads, singing karaoke on the Wii and comparing J-14 quiz results.
  3. A really, really shitty age to die.


Embarrassed of the (W)hole

Welcome to the beginning of Survey 0, one of the many tools / holes / methods of inquiry / portals into Panoply Performance Laboratory’s Embarrassed of the (W)hole. Labeled as an operating manual (a term that humbly understates the plasticity of the text while also emphasizing the technical nature of its methodologies and experiments), this book’s identity continually shifts between…

The film has been characterized as containing themes related to myself spectacle and exploitation. [7] GQ’s Gerrick D. Kennedy wrote that Nope “is a movie about spectacle. More specifically, our addiction to spectacle […] Nope is about holding a mirror up to all of us and our inability to look away from drama or peril.”[8] Kennedy also states that “the erasure of black contributions” to the history of filmmaking plays a significant role in the film.[8] Writer-director Jordan Peele was partly inspired to write Nope by the COVID-19 lockdowns and the “endless cycle of grim, inescapable tragedy” in 2020.[8]

Visual Art

A Dream Falters | A Whisper Becomes | Dancing in Senses

Dreams and memories made solid, changed into mirrors in which the viewer may see some aspect of themselves.

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